“Collaboration is important not just because it’s a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all of our lives. So learning to collaborate is part of equipping yourself for effectiveness, problem solving, innovation and life-long learning in an ever-changing networked economy.”

– Don Tapscot


Blockchain Netherlands is a non-profit foundation who aims to create and sustain a dynamic blockchain development eco-system within the Netherlands. We actively partner with other eco-systems to widen the reach & value for our members.


Only through collaboration can we truly speed up innovation.

  • Community Driven – Created for and by the Dutch Blockchain Eco-system
  • Connect the eco-system – Through events, online discussions and collaborative projects
  • Speed up innovation — Enabling & stimulating eco-system wide collaboration


At Blockchain Netherlands we believe that innovation happens outside of the boundaries of everyday business. While we are proud to call the Netherlands a blockchain innovation hub, we also see room for improvement. The eco-system can do much better when we connect local innovation hubs, mix corporate and startup networks, involve a broad set of people from individual blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs or developers to government organisations.
Blockchain Netherlands aims to connect & enable a Dutch Blockchain Ecosystem by;
  • Increasing the knowledge levels of business professionals and developers of blockchain technology & its application through an offering of quality online content and offline courses.
  • Connecting ecosystem parties through a series of events that have an inclusive and international character. Offering both free events accessible to anyone, as well as dedicated paid events to cover costs.
  • Providing an online platform that enables collaboration by creating visibility of active blockchain players, potential projects and a blockchain based distributed governance framework.
  • Offering a set of additional services to provide expertise and talent to organizations, individuals and project (like consultancy, in-company training and talent acquisition). All of which are sourced from the ecosystem itself.
  • Quality – In the form of articles, blogs, research, training and events
  • Digital – Giving insight into the eco-system and directly bring members together on our online platform
  • Inclusive – Removing any barriers to join, the majority of our content and events are free of charge
  • International – Creating new opportunities through our connections with similar eco-systems around the world

Meet our team

The initiating team of Blockchain Netherlands combines many years of experience with blockchain development, strategy and recruiment. Together the team has a vast network in both the corporate and blockchain startup scene.

Building the Blockchain Eco-System | Connecting Blockchain (DLT) Talent and Projects
Blockchain Consultant (freelance) | Evangelist | Strategy & Innovation | Partnerships | Public speaking
Blockchain Tech Lead | Building & Scaling solution | Ethereum developer | Consensys Graduate
Entrepreneur | Talent Connector | Innovative Technologies | Blockchain Enthusiast | Delivering solutions

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