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IBM Blockchain World Wire Launches in 72 Countries - Bitcoinist.com

Blockchain Today, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announced the launch of IBM Blockchain World Wire in a large selection of markets. IBM Blockchain World Wire is "a real-time global payments network for regulated financial institutions" from the American multinational information technology company.

New Decentralized Social Network Platform Creary rewards Creatives and curators for sharing Digital Art - Blockchain News

a blockchain-based social network of multimedia portfolios just launched its new platform on which creatives and curators can get rewarded for sharing their digital creations with the community. Artist can now share their creative portfolios, by uploading legal digital content, images, videos, music, texts, digital books or any other multimedia format.

Retail Giant Carrefour Applies Blockchain for Tracking Milk Product Supply Chain

French retail giant Carrefour has continued blockchain development by using DLT for tracking micro-filtered full-fat milk.

Japan: 18 Year Old Charged for Stealing $100,000 in MonaCoin in Country's First Crypto Theft Case

Japanese authorities in the city of Utsunomiya have charged an 18-year-old for stealing crypto from Monappy, a digital wallet service for MonaCoin. The unnamed teenager was reportedly referred to prosecutors in what is the country's first case of charges being brought against a cryptocurrency hacker.

US State of Colorado Passes Crypto Exemptions Bill Into Law

The governor of Colorado, Jared S. Polis has signed the "Colorado Digital Token Act" into law.

The HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone Comes Into Focus

Blockchain phones are coming, that much is certain. The Sirin Labs Finney and the HTC Exodus are both expected by the end of the year, each with its own, sometimes vaguely defined sense of what exactly that term means.

You Can Now Pre-Order This $15,000 Crypto-Powered Beer Vending Machine - CoinDesk

Where there's a long line for beer today, there could one day be a Civic vending machine. At its booth at SXSW Wednesday, the decentralized identity startup Civic was on hand to showcase three vending machines selling local staples - Shiner Bock and Austin Amber beer.

European Commission Offering 32 Blockchain Startups €200.000 Equity-Free Cash for Citizen Data Control Decentralised Solutions - Blockchain News

LEDGER , a venture builder programme that empowers developers, researchers and entrepreneurs to achieve human-centric solutions to transform digital governance in Europe has launched its first open call to offer direct grants of up to €200,000 euros each to 32 projects building decentralised solutions where citizens retain control over their data.

North Korea Announces International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit - Ethereum World News

If you're a crypto enthusiast and adventurer with no plans for April 2019, perhaps you can merge your two passions and attend the first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference to be held in North Korea.